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Dr. Joe Valese has been improving the quality of life for pets since 1983. “During my many years of Veterinary practice, I’ve come to realize that traditional western medicine and surgery alone were not able to solve every pet health problem. To remedy this, I’ve gone through extensive continuing education and training in order to provide relief and resolution to suffering that drugs and surgery couldn’t help.” The blending of traditional western medical practice together with more holistic therapies both western and eastern medical practices is referred to as complimentary or integrative medicine. The strengths of each therapy are combined to give an overall superior result in patient health, at times achieving positive results where only single therapies have failed. Integrative medicine then can provide relief for conditions not readily treated by conventional Veterinary medicine. In addition to standard western medical and surgical care, we provide:

Treating pets in the multimodal approach not only corrects the presenting illness, but improves their overall health and well being. This can result in happier and longer living companions.

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