Whole Food Supplementation

Dogs and cats today are descendants of hunters, who depended on a varied diet rich in complex nutrients to survive. The diets of most pets today lacks many key nutrients as even high quality ingredients are heavily processed to become canned food and kibble. That’s where nutritional therapy with Standard Process whole food supplements can make a huge difference in providing proper nutrition to your pet, as nature intended.

Standard Process nutritional supplements provide a number of benefits. They differ from other supplements you may find in stores because they are created with whole food and other ingredients that your pet would instinctively eat. Unlike pharmaceutical grade vitamin supplements, such as Vitamin C which is refined ascorbic acid, whole food supplements contain the vitamin plus the other nutrients they are naturally bound to. This combination is what whole food supplementation is all about. The body utilizes these nutrients more readily and completely when presented in their natural form. These whole food ingredients support the whole body to produce synergistic effects. They also provide glandular support for natural cell and tissue repair, and their phytonutrients serve as antioxidants to support healthy immune function. Our pharmacy stocks a full line of whole food supplements produced by Standard Process for any deficiency or health condition your dog or cat may have.