Signs of Pain in Pets

How to recognize pain in pets

Normal = No Pain

  • Sleeps quietly, when awake is interested in surroundings
  • No vocalization when at rest
  • Heart rate and respiratory rate are normal for your pet, and up to 15% above their normal rate

Mild to Moderate Pain

  • Depressed, restless, no interest in usual items
  • Crying but responds to your voice
  • Heart and respiratory rates are 16-45% above the normal for your pet

Severe Pain

  • Extreme agitation or thrashing
  • Continuous crying that is unusual for your pet
  • Heart and respiratory rates are more that 45% above normal for your pet

Other Pain Signs:

  •  Excessive licking or chewing at self
  •  Decreased activity
  •  Not eating
  •  Hiding
  •  Pacing
  •  Change in behavior
  • Change in routine
  •  Aggression
  •  Sensitivity to touch
  • Change in sleep patterns
  •  Limping or altered mobility