Chinese Herbal Medicine

Chinese herbal medicine is a major branch of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) which can be used with or without acupuncture (another branch of TCM). The practice of using herbal medications to treat illness dates back several thousand years in Chinese medicine. TCM practitioners are aware of a healthy balance of energy in our bodies and those of our pets. Herbal medications are blends of simple herbs which produce various effects in the body such as warming or cooling. When imbalances cause illness, these various actions are blended to give a desired end result to help reestablish a balance of health in the body. The popularity of herbal medication lies in their overall level of safety and being derived from natural sources.

Some of their many uses of Chinese herbal medication in veterinary medicine include:

  •  digestive problems
  •  heart problems
  •  skin diseases, including the ears
  •  hormonal imbalances
  •  reproduction
  •  behavioral issues
  •  respiratory problems
  •  arthritis and other joint and bony issues
  •  muscle injury
  •  cancers and tumors
  •  kidney disease
  •  urinary problems
  •  many other health concerns

Chinese herbal medication also works well in conjunction with other therapies, including Western medicine to give an overall better response to treatment. Call today to start your pet on the road to more effective healing.