Therapy Laser

Simply put, the therapy laser provides drug free and surgery free relief from pain and helps to speed healing. We are utilizing this advancement technology for the health care of your dog or cat. The laser light transmits heat energy deep into effected tissues. This stimulates the cells within your pet to release natural pain relieving chemicals called endorphins. The heat also causes an increase in blood flow to the treated body area which hastens healing. The laser light can also help sanitize infected wounds with an antibacterial effect. The veterinary therapy laser provides relief for your dog or cats by:

  •  speeding the healing process of a surgery or injury
  •  eases pain and improves mobility without drugs or surgery
  •  provides older cats and dogs relief from aches and pains which improves their quality of life
  •  common disorders like ear infections or skin sores which cause much pain and discomfort are instantly relieved

Common uses of the therapy laser for dogs and cats are:

  •  pain relief
  •  wound healing
  •  arthritis
  •  back and disc disease
  •  lick sores
  •  ear infections
  •  post surgery
  •  joint disease
  •  skin wounds
  •  skin conditions
  •  mouth infections
  •  gingivitis, stomatitis
  •  anal gland problems
  •  feet sores, and more

If you would like your dog, cat, or other pet to receive pain relief, speed healing, and improve their quality of life, call today for more information about therapy laser treatment.